My blog for anything that grabs my attention. The problem is that a lot of things do that. I am prone to periodic spam of things that I suddenly remember or become interested in. Just a caveat. Posts consist mainly of anime, manga, and whatever games I want or are playing. This blog is a whole conglomeration of everything, so I will post everything from human rights violations to anime food.
I try to be a quality blog, I do try...
All spoilers will be tagged by the most common name of the show or etc., followed by the word "spoilers".
Also, since I lost quite a few followers due to my last tales spam, all tales of related stuff will be tagged "tales of", without quotations, for easy blocking. Please forgive me, too many tales of things are happening this year and next year. I swear it's going to be the death of me...
And if you wish to have things tagged, please, PLEASE message me. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm capable of researching what every one of my followers feel uncomfortable about. :(


~*~*~*~i’m doing a giveaway!~*~*~*~

this giveaway is for an altoids tin filled with three random little cats! 

it will end tuesday july 31 at 11:00 AM MST

and to be entered you must reblog this post. and you are welcome to reblog it as many times as you’d like. 

i’ll send an ask to the winner when they are chosen so make sure your ask box is OPEN. 

if i don’t receive an address to send it to within 48 hours of sending the ask, i’ll pick someone else. 

also please don’t ask for a specific cat because i have like… 40, and i may not have any of the cats in these pictures. 

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